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So deaktivieren Sie automatische App-Updates für Android

Viele Smartphone-Nutzer laden viel zu viele Apps herunter, als dass sie diese manuell aktualisieren könnten. Glücklicherweise haben die wichtigsten App-Plattformen jetzt alle automatische App-Updates, und die Standardeinstellung dafür ist „On“. Das bedeutet, dass Ihre Apps mit den neuesten Features und Bugfixes, die von den Entwicklern entwickelt wurden, auf dem Laufenden bleiben, ohne dass Sie eine […]

A phone on the blockchain: What can the Sirin Labs Finney Phone do?

Last year, Sirin Labs launched the Finney Smartphone, the first mobile phone on the market to function within a specially developed blockchain ecosystem. The company has also developed a Blockchain-All-In-One-PC. Let’s take a closer look at what this Bitcoin news has to offer and how it could change the way we communicate Blockchain will remain […]

Will England soon become the new hub for Bitcoin?

Last week the conservative party was re-elected to power in England. This article looks at what the plans for Bitcoin regulation might look like and whether the party will be able to create a central hub for Bitcoin. Only in April, the English government published its attitude towards Bitcoin demanded further information: „The government plans […]

One currency, but two smart contracts

What is difficult for some users are the different forms of representation of the currency of Steemit. On the one hand, the digital currency Steem fulfils all classic functions like it serves a currency or digital currency, i.e. Bitcoin and Co. On the other hand, Steem can also be used for two different types of […]

Hidden messages in the blockchain – how does it work?

It is known that the blockchain is the core of Bitcoin and that all transactions are broken down there as a public ledger. That these also contain hidden messages is also known. But how do you track down such articles? How can you write such messages yourself? That the Blockchain can do more than money […]

The 10 greatest myths about crypto currencies

In the series „The 10 biggest myths about crypto currencies“ we would like to take a closer look at the 10 most common claims concerning crypto currencies and their chances and risks. We will knöpfen ourselves daily a new myth and examine this for correctness. With Bitcoin secret predominantly criminal business is operated Our first […]

US government: Blockchain as trump card for the future

The U.S. government underscores its firm commitment to the government’s use of blockchain and cryptography technology to set the sails for the future, as high-ranking White House government officials confirmed at Data Transparency 2017 last Tuesday. The conference has set itself the goal of researching and communicating forms of open government and promoting them vis-à-vis […]